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At the point when you visit Android File Manager gathers, utilizes, and safeguards the data you give to it. By refreshing this Protection Strategy on the site, Android File Manager might do as such occasionally. You are consenting to the methods framed in this Security Strategy by visiting the site. At the point when you use Disaster protection Statements or any of its auxiliaries or subsidiary organizations' items, administrations, or sites, you are dependent upon this Security Strategy. Assuming the secret data is unveiled as per this Security Strategy or any arrangements made with Clients, Disaster protection Statements are excluded from obligation for any such exposure. Android File Manager additionally vows to keep any data it assembles during exchanges and installments to the Client's account(s) classified except if expected to do as such by this security strategy. The expression "User(s)" alludes to all possible organizations and confidential associations that visit the Site and give Disaster protection Statements data in any of the manners in which illustrated in the part beneath named "Assortment of Data."

Use of Information

In the Highlights section, we offer a synopsis of the terms and conditions that apply to your use of our U.S. website, mobile app, digital subscription product, other digital service, or print newspaper subscription (collectively, "Android File Manager"). Please read the whole Terms of Use given below for a detailed explanation of the relevant terms and conditions. Any reference to the Terms of Use, including its parts, in the Highlights section is meant to refer to the whole Terms of Use below.